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Aktualizace: 20. lis 2019

As a festival goer, I gave up all of my expectations of an over-all pleasant experience long time ago... I think I can speak for everyone when I say there is always something. From the organisation of the festival through terrible options through nasty showers to food or prices... At the end of the weekend, you end up feeling like a smelly zombie no matter what. A hangover one, too. Let’s face it, we love it.

Well - this year's Rock Werchter blew my mind away. Obviously, me and my friends booked our tickets only for Kylie who headlined the Barn stage on Friday, but we decided to make an extended weekend out of it despite the heatwave coming over to Belgium exactly at that time.

The line-up seemed to be worth it. Pink, Kylie, Robyn, Florence, Clean Bandit, Lizzo, Bastille, The 1975, Bring Me The Horizont, The Cure... And many many more.

To be completely honest, I only cared about a few names of the list as my heart belongs to pop and pop only, but even I have to admit it was pretty impressive.

Our adventure started on wednesday night when we entered the festival zone and started making the camping our home for next 4 night. Of course, we did not bother testing our borrowed tents beforehand and it turned out to be fatal. We had three tents ready to go in case of emergency, yet they all ended up being broken to the point where duck tape could not help (to be fair, our duck tape was pretty tragic, too...). Long story short, after one night on the grass with a half-opened roof above our heads, we headed to the camp tent store and purchased a new one. Luckily for us, the were available for the same prices as usual, so there goes first massive star to the festival.

The first day, we saw a few performances that I can't remember because PINK overshadowed them all. So sorry if you played that day, you probably were great, but Pink was better.

Honestly, she is just something else. Everyone knows her songs, probably more than some people are willing to admit, and the crowd at her shows is incredible. There is everyone - the rockers, the poppers, the something in between, the gays, the straights, the ones who listen to everything.

Her stage presence is quite frankly one of the best ones I have ever witnessed. She brings a SHOW, but she is still THERE, interacting with her fans and obviously having a great time. And don’t even try to blink - you could miss her suddenly hanging from 10 meters above being held by her dancer and no safety break. Insane.

I am still so sad I missed her tour date in London, but next time she is on the road, I am absolutely going.

The next day, we barely stepped out on the daylight - being the crazy fans we are, we willingly imprisoned ourselves in the Barn, keeping our font row spots for Kylie who was closing the stage that night.

We saw a few bands we really enjoyed, one of which I believe is worth mentioning: The Jungle. I only knew a few of their songs, but the were pure fun and joy.

Right before Kylie, Years and Years played. I had seen them 4 years ago at the British Summer Time, and ever since then, they got ten times better. They do have some next level fans though, so get ready for some fangirl massaceur if you are heading to their show - lol.

And finally... Kylie! It was the best night on the summer tour for me. I know many would disagree and I believe this is purely subjective, but the atmosphere in the Barn was absolutely WOW. She was blowing the roof off and the crowd LOVED it. In fact, it was over 20K people watching her that night.

Right at the time Kylie finished, Robyn started at a different stage.

Unfortunately we were too late to get in, but somewhere from super far, we did see her and heard her, too. As I said, the festival was an absolute BOMB and another big star I have them in my review was for the outside screens and speakers they installed, so despite not being in the tent where Robyn performed, we still got to enjoy her set!! Simply amazing.

Among other people we saw performing the next days were Clean Bandid, who were pure dance party. Same for Lizzo. And then of course Florence, who is an angel on stage.

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