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Lisa Stansfield @Royal Albert Hall

Aktualizace: 20. lis 2019

It's been 30 years since Affection and Lis Stansfield was on a 7-date UK tour to celebrate. Despite the fact I was not even born when hits such as All Around The World were released, I did know where I was spending this year's Halloween: at the Royal Albert Hall! As I like to point out each time someone questions my music taste: songs have no expiration date!

The Hall was still mostly empty by 7:30pm, the time Jazz Morely came up on stage, but I can assure you all of the people arriving later did miss out. Her short set revealed a great talent as well as a sense of humour: "This song is about being the other woman... at least I got the song out of it."

She will be playing Opera later this month, so if you are into great voices (who isn't) and you like to slow down and listen rather than going to a party-kind-of-show, I highly suggest you get yourself a ticket.

Half an hour later when the lights went down, you could feel the excitement of the whole venue which was rather full by then. Lisa came up on stage wearing a very simple outfit: jeans and a silk shirt. The simplicity only added up to her charm, and you could tell she was going to love every second of the show from the very beginning. It has been 30 years since affection, the most selling album out of the 8 Stansfield released, but you could tell her fanbase remained loyal: majority picked a merch t-shirt over a Halloween costumes. Some brave fans on the floor started dancing and by the 4th song, the whole RAH was up on their feet. It stayed that way for Lisa's whole 90minute set and encore. A gentleman seated a few rows in front of me even lost his dancing shoes. I mean literally, he took them off and happily held them over his head with a flashlight on, to show them to the whole venue that had been witnessing his unique moves from the very beginning. I don't want to say he stole Lisa's show, but he was definitely the entertainment on the side, to the point where I'd consider giving him a cut of the profit.

As I have already said, Lisa was obviously in a great mood and enjoying every minute which reflected right back at her from the audience. She was dancing around the stage, interacting with fans and of course performed her biggest hits: Affection, Sincerity, The Way You Want It, Poison, The Real Thing, All Around The World, People Hold On, Live Together...

Having never seen Lisa live before, I was not sure what to expect, but I was taken by surprise by her voice, stage presence and the overall vibe. It truly was a gig not to miss!

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