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JAKE SHEARS @Electric Ballroom, 20/9/19

Aktualizace: 20. lis 2019

It has been a very busy year for this Scissor Sister - in March, Jake Shears traveled to Australia where he performed his short set in front of thousands of LGBTQ community members as a headliner of Sydney's famous Mardi Gras after-party. Shortly after, he and his band joined Kylie Minogue at her journey promoting the pop princesses' most recent album, Golden. Kylie made 7 stops in Australia, and Jake was the opening act for every single one of them (along with a band called Client Liaison that is absolutely worth checking). Later this summer, he kicked off his own European tour which he brought to London.

Now, not to sound crazy, but thanks to being in Australia at that time, I saw this guy 5 times in between this spring and September. Actually, 6 times if I count that one time I randomly bumped into him at a very dodgy vegetarian curry place in Adelaide and ended up helping him find a cash machine... I am getting a bit off the topic, but he was a real sweetheart both off-stage and on-stage!

Despite having seen his show more than an average fangirl, I did not have to think for a second when his London date got confirmed - I was going again! That itself speaks volumes. I mean, who didn't love the Scissor Sisters back in the days? He is absolutely KILLING it live all the times.

And so on September 20th, I headed over to Camden's Electric Balroom.

The night kicked off with an American duo called Crush Club, who set just the right atmosphere with their catchy dance POP songs and great stage presence.

By 8 o'clock, Jake hit the stage along with his band, that among others contained a saxophone player. Very impressive. He opened with one of his newer solo tracks called Good Friends, a song which talks about getting though struggles thanks to friends' help.

The audience was relating to no trouble, though - the went crazy for Jake from the very first second he stepped on with his rather high heels. The happiness and joy in the room did not disappear for even a second of the 15-song set. He chose the perfect combination of his own songs and the Scissor Sisters' ones, balanced just well enough for people to learn about his new pop-country stuff while also dancing their shoes off and remaining on the absolute dance-pop high. What we witnessed that night was not only a perfect setlist, but also on-point vocals.

I really like his most recent album, called simply Jake Shears (released last year), and songs like Creep City definitely worked for his fans, but I would still be lying if I said I did not enjoy the Sisters' classics a little bit more...

Laura, I don't feel like dancing, Take your mama... all of these evoke the perfect 00s POP nostalgia in me, but at the same time are still as relevant as ever and when performed live, the crowd went absolutely and totally maaaaaaad.

Jake Shears truly is much more than just a pas Scissor Sisters, though. He simply has this certain chemistry and when he walks out on he stage wearing feathers and heels, you DO feel like dancing...

Once again, Jake did not disappoint and I know next time I have the chance, I will go again.

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