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ALICE CHATER @Camden Assembly, 9/9/2019

Alice has recently released her single “Tonight” and played multiple huge festivals in the UK over the summer (including BST with Celine!). For me, this all started at the Brighton Pride… I had no idea who she was, and like many people in the VIP section, I cared mainly about the free champagne and Kylie later. The following week, my head was full of HOURGLAAAS HOURGLAAAAS. And so I googled this Alice girl…

I have to admit, she had me once I found out her cover of Hung Up by Madonna. I also got to know she was about to start her headline tour in London and I knew it was not to be missed.

Little did I know this show was going to be a bit unfortunate for me…

I contacted the owner of the venue - Camden Assambly - and he fixed me with a photo pass. Yay!

My excitement was over the minute I walked into Camden Assembly and bumped into Alice’s tour manager. Long story short, the venue owner never ran it through her management and I wasn’t allowed to publish any of my pictures. Lucky me…

That did not stop me from enjoying the show, though!

Alice is not only an amazing singer but also a wild dancer. She played for about an hour and performed all of her singles and a cover of Sweet dreams. The vocals!

She closed the show with my favourite Hourglass, and I have to say I definitely will see her again next time I have the chance.

If you are a dedicated 80s and 90s POP stan complaining that no one makes music like that these days, I highly recommend keeping an eye on this girl!

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