A few years back, I fell in love with experimenting with 35mm film, long exposures and retro flashes. Kylie saw my instagram feed and invited me to join her on her Golden tour to create some film magic, as it went quite perfectly with the whole vibe of her tour. Some of the pictures can be found on her facebook page and social medias. 

"I invited Nicole to experience and share with you a ‘fans-eye’ view of the Golden Tour. With exclusive backstage access, Nicole was able to see some of the behind the scenes machinations and emotions of the show. I was inspired not only by Nicole’s dedication as a fan, but also her love of 35mm film. She captured these images for you all and the beauty of film is revealed in these real and emotive pictures, and of course the results of what she photographed wasn’t revealed until the photos were developed. Here’s to fandom and fleeting moments. Love Kylie x"